Northwest Voyageurs is an ideal club in which to have fun and develop your paddling skills with knowledgeable fellow paddlers. We aim to:

  • - Bring members together to enjoy paddling Alberta's rivers and lakes.
  • - Improve members' paddling skills.
  • - Increase paddling safety awareness and practices.
  • - Promote appreciation and respect for our waterway heritage.


  • - Canoe and recreational & sea kayaking, as well as whitewater kayaking
  • - Weekend and day trips from April to October for all skill levels
  • - Qualified instruction in canoeing, kayaking, safety preparedness, and tripping
  • - Paddling and equipment advice from fellow paddlers
  • - Monthly social events
  • - Canoe and kayak equipment for rent by members¬†

Safety is Paramount

Through our years of experience, we have found that fun and safety go hand in hand, just as river appreciation and respect are intertwined. Thus, in all of our activities, safety consciousness is simply a part of the way we operate. Our courses stress safety awareness and safe practices from the beginning, and our trip coordinators are proficient and diligent in applying those principles. It's a formula that has worked well in the past, and one that we don't intend to compromise.

A Complete Trip Package

Our organized and varied trips form the core of our club. From April to October, we offer them all:

  • - evening paddles
  • - easy day trips

  • - weekend camping sojourns

  • - several multi-day wilderness tours

  • - coastal sea kayak adventures

Through the season, there are several trips for members to choose from, depending on ability and desires. To help in choosing, the trip schedule always shows paddler skill level and river grade. There is no charge for participating in trips, although sometimes participants are asked to share a campground fee.

Pool Sessions

From time to time during the winter, we offer training in a local pool. The courses vary from basic kayaking skills, canoe safety, and rec/sea kayaking.

Social Events

Our trips are often social experiences in themselves. But we also offer a social evening most months from September to May so that members can show slides and share experiences. Often we invite speakers on a variety of topics such as wilderness adventures, first aid, and equipment. And there is our annual spring pen House and summer barbecue.

Membership Benefits

Financial advantages of being a member of the Northwest Voyageurs include:

  • - Low cost rentals of club canoe and kayak equipment,
  • - Insurance for paddling,
  • - Low cost certified paddling instruction,
  • - Discounts at several outdoor stores in Edmonton.

For further details on membership benefits click here.


The Northwest Voyageurs are members of both Paddle Alberta, the provincial body which represent us in the sport of canoeing and kayaking on national and international levels.


Upcoming Events

31 Mar
NWV Pool Session
Date 03.31.2023 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
14 Apr
NWV Pool Session
04.14.2023 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm
15 Apr
Edmonton Paddling Centre Boat Sale and Gear Swap
04.15.2023 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
29 Apr
7 May
Lobstick River
19 May
Milk River
05.19.2023 - 05.22.2023
31 May
Rundle Ponds
05.31.2023 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
3 Jun
Islet Lake
4 Jun
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