Paddling adventures await you with Northwest Voyageur Canoe and Kayak Club.

Paddle with the club on evening, day and multi-day trips led by your fellow group members. Participate in casual and formal lessons in the pool and on the water. Enjoy social events throughout the year.


  • Canoe, and kayaking (recreational, seakayaking and whitewater kayaking)
  • Social events throughout the year

Safety is Paramount

Fun and safety go hand in hand, just as river appreciation and respect are intertwined. Paddling alone or on unfamiliar water is not recommended.

  • In all of our activities, safety consciousness is simply a part of the way we operate.
  • Our courses stress safety awareness and safe practices. from the beginning,
  • Our trip coordinators are proficient and diligent in applying those principles.
  • Basic club safety rules:
    • All participants must:wear a fully clipped and zipped PFD at all times
    • have a bailer/bilge pump, whistle, and 15m throw bag or tow belt
    • No intoxicants are permitted while on the water
  • We recommend that members participate in a safety clinics and practice wet exits and reentries.


  • Our club offers trips for many skill and fitness levels
    • Evening paddles.
    • Day trips.
    • Weekend camping trips.
    • Multi-day trips.
  • The trip schedule shows paddler skill level and trip grade.
  • There is no additional cost for participating in trips outside of camping fees and shared gas costs.
  • Once members are comfortable they can plan trips for their fellow paddlers, there is support for this from the trip coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


  • We offer introductory kayak and canoe training
  • The club has access to the Rundle Park Paddling Centre where on our Wednesday Club Nights you can try canoes, kayaks and SUPs including all the gear at no cost.
  • You can practice, meet other members and get some paddling tips from some of our more experienced members
  • There may be training in local pools in the winter
  • The courses and clinics focus on safety and/or paddling skills.
  • See the club schedule for dates and times.


  • The club has a fleet of canoes, white-water kayaks and touring kayaks that can be rented for club events. 
  • Rentals come with all the required gear (paddles, PFDs, bailer or pump, and throw bags)

Social Events

  • Social events occur throughout the year and may include:
    • Speakers on paddling and camping related topics.
    • Slideshows about club trips.
    • Open house.
    • Barbecues/potlucks.
    • Ski weekend at the Strathcona Wilderness Centre.
    • Photo contest.

Additional Membership Benefits

Financial advantages of being a member of the Northwest Voyageurs include:

  • Low cost rentals of club canoe and kayak equipment,
  • Low cost certified paddling instruction,
  • Discounts at several outdoor stores in Edmonton.
  • Injury insurance coverage during club trips


The Northwest Voyageurs are members of both Paddle Alberta and Paddle Canada, the provincial body which represent us in the sport of canoeing and kayaking on national and international levels.