The club has a large fleet of boats that can be used by members, which can save you considerable expense and allow you to concentrate on acquiring personal gear such as wet suits, wet boots, roof racks, ropes, etc. Also the fleet provides you with the opportunity to try a variety of boats before you decide to purchase your own.

All club equipment is only available to club members for club activities.


The NWV club does NOT rent any equipment to the general public at any time.
(If you are looking to just rent a boat for personal use, search the yellow pages under Canoes & Kayaks)


Boats come with the following equipment:

Tandem Canoe: Boat with flotation, throw bag, two PFDs, three paddles, bailer

Solo Canoe: Boat with flotation, PFD, throw bag, two paddles, bailer

Kayak: Boat with flotation, PFD, paddle, spray skirt, throw bag, bailer 



For two paddlers. Suitable for flatwater and moving water up to CL III

Manufacturer Model Colour Material Length (ft) Beam (in) Weight (lbs) Max Payload (lbs)

Use for Trip Type

Mad River Explorer (16 rx) Purple Royalex 16" 0" 36 ? 1100 Day to multi-week trips
ad River Explorer Green Royalex ? ? ? ? Day to multi-week trips
Mad River Explorer Red Royalex ?       Day to multi-week trips
Clipper Prospector 17 Yellow Fibreglass 17' 2" 36 74 1000 Day to multi-week trips
Clipper Prospector 16 White Fibreglass   35 70   Day to multi-week trips
Old Town Scout Green Royalex ? ? ? ? Day to multi-week trips
Mad River Freedom (16 X) Red Royalex   35 73 1100 Day to multi-week trips
Dagger Legend ? Vinyl 16' 0" 35 72 1200 Day to multi-week trips




For one paddler. Suitable for flatwater or moving water up to CL I.

Manufacturer Model Colour Purpose Length (ft) Max Payload (lbs) Use for Trip Type
Dagger Crossover 12.5 Blue/mixed Touring/WW to class III 13' 9" 260 Day trips
Venture Easky 15 LV Yelow Recreational low volume (woman/youth) 15' 286 Day trips
Venture Islay 14 Green Rec/Touring 14' 286 Day and week-end trips
Venture Jura Green High Volume Sea Kayak with Skudder 16' 242 Day to week-long trips
Necky Manitou 14 Yellow/Orange Recreational high weight & stability 14'6" 325 Day and week-end trips



For one paddler. Best on moving water CL I – CL III. Very slow on flatwater. Not recommended for flatwater trips

Manufacturer Model Colour Type Length (ft) Volume (Gal) Payload Min (lbs) Payload Max (lbs)
WaveSport Godzilla Black/Red River 8'11" 60 240 Short runs CLI-III
Necky Rip Purple/Blue River 9'2" 61 160 Short runs CLI-III
Riot Quest 10 Orange River 9'10"    325 Day trips CLI-II
Riot Quest 10 Orange River 9'10"   325 Day trips CLI-II

If you have any questions about club boats or equipment policies, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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