Trip Coordinator: Donna McKenzie

Most of us met at the 50th Street boat launch at 9 am, to unload boats and start the car shuttle. With COVID, many people are arranging their own shuttle, so in fact we only had 6 vehicles driving to Fort Saskatchewan.

Participants were Donna M, Paul B, Doug V, Bryan W, Sergio D, Jacqui D, Kim J, Isobel L, Gary D, Greg A, Stephanie J, and Rob R. Stephanie and Rob put in at Hawrelak Park at 9 and made it to 50th Street by 10:15. By 10:30 Greg had returned the drivers to the put in, Paul and Doug had joined us, and we started paddling around 10:30.

The North Saskatchewan River was running really high for fall, 320 cms that morning, so we had a fast paddle with very few options for getting off the water. The river was running into the bush in many places.

We only had one stop, just downstream of the NE Anthony Henday bridge across from the old dump. We have often stopped there, there is a long stretch of gravel beach which is great to take out the boats, well, it wasn’t a very wide strip of gravel this day!

It was a bit early for lunch, but we ate anyway as we weren’t sure where the next stop would be. Sure enough, about the time we felt like stopping again we were only 3 km from the takeout, so we just finished the trip. We were off the water by 2:30. The weather was perfect, sun and no wind, and it was a really nice paddle!

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