Trip Coordinator: Paul Bird

This was the third day of the 2022 NWV Jasper Weekend. We packed up our tents and equipment at Whirlpool Group Campground and drove to Patricia Lake. We took the road to Patricia Lake Bungalows, but that is a private dead end, so we headed back to Pyramid Lake Road. There are two parking lots adjacent to the lake and these were used to park and unpack the boats.

Patricia Lake is a small lake, 1.8 km long with a maximum width of 330 m, the average depth is 30 m. The crew were Frank, Siobhan and Paul B. in kayaks and Alan with Donna G. in a canoe. We launched from the north end, the weather was cloudy with a northeast wind. Alan tried poling in the shallow water until we were all ready to circumnavigate the lake. Heading in a clockwise direction we passed Patricia Lake Bungalows and saw their selection of boats on the bank. This again was a leisurely paddle at a comfortable pace. The southern end of the lake has very poor access and is ringed with reeds, it would require some effort to get to high ground. The wind kicked up some small waves at the south end, which were hitting the boats side on. At the end of the lake we followed the perimeter of the lake around the west side. Two loons came within about 3 m of our boats and seemed oblivious to our presence as they searched for food. After 80 minutes we found a spot to land and walked up to a picnic table above the bank.

A relaxed late lunch was enjoyed with views of the mountains and lake. The weather by now was warm and sunny with a light wind. After lunch we got back in the boats and paddled a few more minutes to the take out. It was short paddle of 83 minutes and we covered about 4.35 km.


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